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There are now 14 AddToTravel iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps available.

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You can see places like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland OR, Frankfurt Germany, Athens Greece, Seattle, San Jose, San Diego, Mt St Helens, Kansas City, Columbia Gorge and Las Vegas.

See the world and write your travel diary with AddTo.

AddTo Las Vegas iconAddTo Las Vegas is available.  You can find it here.

See the luxury hotels like the Mirage with its volcano that erupts in a show, Treasure Island with it’s boat show, the Venetian, Bellagio’s, Caesar’s Palace, the Excalibur and the Luxor.

The AddTo map shows you all of these places, Hoover Dam and more.  With AddTo you create your own travel diary and album.  Take or select photos, type out notes and allow location to have them remember where you were when you created them.

AddTo will also automatically build a map for you with annotations to connect you to your observations.  The data in your AddTo travel diary is yours, including the generated map.  AddTo lets you email any or all of your notes, photos or maps.

Enjoy the playground of Lady Luck.  See Las Vegas, write what you think, take some photos, consult your map and share your insights with your friends.  Win big with the travel guide that really matters: yours.

AddTo Columbia Gorge iconAddTo Columbia Gorge is available.  You can find it here.

See the sights and great natural beauty of this delightful treasure including Crown Point, Multnomah Falls, Beacon Rock, Dog Mountain, Hamilton Mountain, Eagle Creek waterfalls, Bridge of the Gods and more.

Welcome to the Mecca of windsurfing.  Over many thousands of years the Columbia River and glacial flows carved a valley with regions of cliff walls.  The green rainforest of the Pacific Northwest colored the land and locals flock here for day hikes, camping, waterfall watching and to enjoy great scenic views.

AddTo Columbia Gorge gives you a map to some of the most sensational points and photos to illustrate them.  Of course the idea of the AddTo travel diary is for you to record your own notes and photos, then AddTo will automatically build a map of your places for you to use and share.

A mother’s advice to her child was to always find time for nature.  In the Columbia Gorge, you’ll wonder if you should find time anywhere else.

AddTo Mt St HelensAddTo Mt St Helens is available.  You can find it here.

On May 18, 1980 this mountain came to life and proved it really was a volcano.  There were multiple eruptions during the 1980s and the whole area around the mountain was changed.  Large animals were killed, including 57 people, but the small animals that burrowed underground survived.  Learn these details and view the awesome destruction and recovery of life at visitor’s center around the area.  AddTo maps out these visitor centers such as Castle Rock Visitor’s Center, Hoffstadt Bluffs (only place in area to grab a bite to eat) and the awe inspiring view from Johnston Ridge visitor’s center.

See views and map locations of great hiking trails like the Independence Pass trail, the Loowit Viewpoint and Windy Ridge.

Your view is what counts since AddTo is designed to let you make your own observations, type notes, take photos and build an album that becomes a travel guide.  AddTo will automatically generate a map for you showing where you made these observations.  Your data is private to you, but you are free to email any or all of it, including the generated map, to yourself or your friends.

Mt St Helens left behind a trail of destruction where tenacious life is beginning anew.  As you travel there, what will you leave behind?  AddTo can help you.

AddTo Kansas CityAddTo Kansas City is available.  You can find it here.

Visit the world capital of barbeque and see sights like the fabulous World War I museum in the Liberty Memorial, the entire contents of a riverboat steamship at the Steamboat Arabia museum, the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and museum and the wonderful collection at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

Dine out with residents at the popular Plaza, enjoy a drink and appetizers in the Hyatt Hotel rotating restaurant with a commanding view of the city and surrounding area or grab a bite from the farmer’s market at the Historic City Market.

All this and more are mapped out for you on the AddTo Kansas City map.

Of course the real purpose of AddTo is to let you write your own observations and add your own photos.  Build your own travel guide with your own thoughts and AddTo will automatically build a map for you.  You can share your notes, photos and map by email if you wish.

So take a listen to the 1959 hit song “Kansas City” by Wilbert Harrison, travel to the town and get in the mood for some fun.

AddTo San DiegoAddTo San Diego is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  You can find it here.

See locations like Balboa Park, Old Town, La Jolla, Point Loma, Coronado, Little Italy, Imperial Beach and much more.  There are these and other points of interest are available for you to see and locate using the provided map.

AddTo lets you build your own travel album of notes and photos.  If you have allowed location, then AddTo can build a map of what you were thinking of seeing and where you were seeing it.

If you wish you can share your notes, photos or map using the email button in the lower right corner.  The ultimate travel guide is the one you write.  What else could fit you best?  Your opinions are what matters.  Make them and remember them, share them if you wish.

AddTo San joseAddTo San Jose for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available, you can find it here.

See the city of early adopters with sights like the Winchester Mystery House, Guadalupe Park, the Museum of Art, the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose State University and more.

As in all AddTo apps you can write your own notes, take your own photos and build an album that you can share with your friends.  If you allow the use of location AddTo San Jose will build a map of all the places you take notes or photos so you can see what you were thinking and where you were seeing it.  Share your map too!

AddTo SeattleAddTo Seattle is available.  You can find it here.

See some of the best places in this great city of the Northwest.  Places such as Pike’s Place Market, the Space Needle, Volunteer Park with its accessible water tower and great conservatory, the newer Olympic Sculpture Park, Archie McPhee’s (now in a new location), Hammering Man, the most modern architected Central Library, Coffee Man, the Monorail, the REI flagship store and more.

Downtown Seattle is definitely walkable and you can now have a guide to take with you that gives you the ability to add your own entries, both notes and photos, make your own maps and build your own travel album that you can share.

AddTo FrankfurtAddTo Frankfurt has been released.  You can find it in the iTunes Store here.

Something old and something new.  See old Germany in the main town square of Romer and the neighborhood of Sachsenhausen.  See a modern city in with skyscrapers downtown.  Frankfurt offers the best of the past and the present.  Take something new to a place first settled by the Franks around 794 AD.

Type your thoughts, add photos, email your notes, photos and/or map to your friends.  Travel, write and share.  Enjoy the best of Europe and relate it to your friends.

AddTo AthensAddTo Athens is now available in the iTunes Store.  You can find it here.

See the tremendous ancient monuments where our own ideas of democracy developed.  Navigate with the included map to points of interest and write what you think and see where you thought it on your own map.

Email your photos and notes and map to your friends to share your travel experiences.  Take something modern to someplace ancient.