AddTo Mt St HelensAddTo Mt St Helens is available.  You can find it here.

On May 18, 1980 this mountain came to life and proved it really was a volcano.  There were multiple eruptions during the 1980s and the whole area around the mountain was changed.  Large animals were killed, including 57 people, but the small animals that burrowed underground survived.  Learn these details and view the awesome destruction and recovery of life at visitor’s center around the area.  AddTo maps out these visitor centers such as Castle Rock Visitor’s Center, Hoffstadt Bluffs (only place in area to grab a bite to eat) and the awe inspiring view from Johnston Ridge visitor’s center.

See views and map locations of great hiking trails like the Independence Pass trail, the Loowit Viewpoint and Windy Ridge.

Your view is what counts since AddTo is designed to let you make your own observations, type notes, take photos and build an album that becomes a travel guide.  AddTo will automatically generate a map for you showing where you made these observations.  Your data is private to you, but you are free to email any or all of it, including the generated map, to yourself or your friends.

Mt St Helens left behind a trail of destruction where tenacious life is beginning anew.  As you travel there, what will you leave behind?  AddTo can help you.