Koko Head on OahuAddTo Oahu is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  You can find it here.

See the island that Hawaii has been governed from ever since King Kamehameha united the Hawaiian islands.

Find out the best place on the island to get shave ice from and beaches off the beaten path that are family-friendly.  See the great snorkeling haven that is Hanauma Bay.  Catch the spectacular view from the Pali Lookout.  Hike the Judd Trail without walking.  Climb the railroad tie staircase to the top of Koko Head Crater.

Take or select photos, type out notes and allow location to have them remember where you were when you created them.

AddTo will also automatically build a map for you with annotations to connect you to your observations.  The data in your AddTo travel diary is yours, including the generated map.  AddTo lets you email any or all of your notes, photos or maps.

Most tourists to Hawaii see Honolulu and Waikiki beach, but don’t get much beyond there.  Know the whole island, the island that the great King Kamehameha recognized as key to controlling all of the Hawaiian islands.

AddTo Oahu screenshot